Witch shmup for #CGAJAM

Developed by @tinchetsu.
Music and additional development by @RushJet1.


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Very cute game, nice gameplay at first try :)

Entretenido en verdad. Y las gráficas están acordes. Felicitaciones.


Cute art and good chiptune music, though the volume was too loud xD

Agree on the volume.

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Just a heads up, the escape menu is an actual command line utility, it isn't just for show. Pressing escape again brings you to the code editor. Also note that this ends your game, though you can restart by typing run (This game is the cart loaded by default.)

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Yes, that's how TIC80 works. Not sure if there is a way to export it, with the edit part disabled.

Really liked this!

This game rocks!

Great Game!

Nice, well done! 

Good game